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In lightproof vaults on secret moons the Creator and the Malakhim practiced their craft. Into everburning foundries in the centers of our suns they thrust rune-etched sand and withdrew tiny gems containing virgin worlds.

But no matter how carefully they arranged the facets, no matter how pure and circumspect their scripture, they forged worlds where something monstrous lurked. And so were born the Vel — unliving, undying, unyielding alabaster gods with a singular purpose: to unmake.

Vel Winter is a tile-drafting engine-building game set in a distant galaxy abandoned by humanity after its four suns expired. Players take command of an ancient alien race known as the Vel and spread outwards from the former human homeworld of Genesis to conquer the last remnants of civilization.


Deep Replayability
A modular game board, six asymmetrical player factions with upgradeable abilities and actions, and a randomly-selected set of bonus goals ensure that each playthrough feels fresh and unique.

Dynamic Game State
Actions are taken by removing tiles from the board, unlocking paths to new tiles to create a constantly-shifting pool of available actions and resources.

On-Your-Feet Thinking
Cement victory by both executing a long-term strategy and by being prepared to deviate from your carefully laid plans when sudden opportunities and powerful plays present themselves.

Many Paths to Victory
Collect Blitz Tiles to take consecutive turns, assemble Starshards into victory points and extra actions, be the first to earn one-time Achievements, and prepare yourself carefully for the inevitable Bastion assaults — special scoring rounds where all players pool resources towards a common goal with the largest contributor earning vast rewards.


From Sergey himself:

"I have always been interested in creating games, from the moment I first picked them up at a young age. I've tinkered with various ideas many times since then, designing my own Magic cards, experimenting with mods and custom maps, and after studying Computer Science even creating a few standalone digital proofs of concept.

"A few years ago I got interested in creating board games — unlike digital games these were significantly less complex, the art was traditional illustration (which I had a background in) and not 3D modeling/animation (in which I did not), and it was actually realistic for a single person to create a game with production quality on par with the greatest in the industry.

"I put together a prototype, brought it to our weekly games meetup, and the rest is history."