The end looms near. Enemies approach from beyond and within. Our last hope lies within those you can trust.

Contact Light finds humanity in a desperate search for a new planet to call home as our failing resources are nearing their end. Unfortunately, we aren't the only ones who are looking. You will take on the role of beings — human or otherwise — desperate for a much-needed solution to the problem of survival, all while being forced to compromise, collaborate, and compete with each other.

Each player will be on one of six teams, each of which will be important to the survival of their species, with many challenges to overcome. Some will traverse The Unexplored Galaxy to find a planet where life might thrive, while trying to gather enough resources to continue their mission. Some will be working in government, coordinating exploration and diplomatic efforts so that civilization doesn’t collapse after — or before — relocation. You'll negotiate, scheme and plot with 55 other players to maximize your chances of survival.

A big thank you to everyone who attended and made this a success! We're busy redesigning and gearing up for version 2.0 of Contact Light, which promises to be even bigger and better — so keep your eyes and ears open (and sign up for our newsletter!). In the meantime, check out photos of our event on our Facebook page.


Megagames are real-life board games on a massive scale. More than 50 players will form teams to play out an in-depth, immersive game in an all-day event. Each person will take on an individual role crucial to the success of his or her team. Every decision matters.

Megagames are all about player empowerment. Negotiation, spontaneity and creative solutions are part of what make megagames exciting. Game Masters, called Control, will be on hand to help with rules and structure as well as to also allow you to stretch the boundaries of possibility, creating new scenarios and options that will affect the game as a whole.

Megagames are large narrative events. All players will play in the same world as a part of the same story, but will each see a different perspective. Your place in the story will change the way you view events and make decisions.

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Watch Shut Up & Sit Down's Megagame Let's Play:


I've never played a megagame before. Is it hard to get started?

Not at all! Megagames have only recently taken off in the US, so you're in good company. Most megagames are unique experiences, so veteran megagame players will be learning this particular game's mechanics and story details along with you.

I've seen Shut Up & Sit Down's Let's Play and even participated in a game of Watch the Skies. Is this similar?

We've played and managed games of Watch the Skies with other groups and have put our own twists to the game. But while the setting and story are unique, many of the elements of player interaction and discovery will be found in Contact Light.

Can I be on the same team as my buddies?

Sure you can! Gather your crew and agree on a team name. When each person buys their ticket, be sure they add the team name they want to be a part of and we'll make sure you're all on the same side. You can also buy all team player tickets in one purchase and we'll make sure all ticket holders get placed on the same team.

Do I have to have a team to play?

Of course not! There are plenty of roles that need to be filled and megagamers are universally very nice people.

What's the best way to get to the venue?

Cars are cool, but public transportation is just as easy! The Port Jefferson Branch of the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) goes directly to Smithtown and is a short walk away from the venue. If the weather turns nasty we'll organize some shuttling to and from the train and the venue. If you are driving there is plenty of free parking in the church lot.

How many people can be on the same team?

  • 5 Houses (Main Teams). Each House is split into two groups:
    • 5-Player Capital Group
    • 4-Player Exploration Crew
  • 3 Exalt Factions (Antagonist Team)
    • 2 members per faction
  • 4 Media Crew members

Don't worry if you can't fill out a full team. We'll make sure that all teams are ready for the challenge!

Do you have any volunteer spots available?

Yeah we do! Here, fill this out:

I've DM'd a couple of D&D sessions before. Do you need help running the game?

Sure we do! Even if you've only played and never DM'd but want to help out, fill out this form and we'll help you get your feet wet:

How do I learn more about events like this?

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